The title of this blog is inspired by the following excerpt from this blog post by Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution:
On another point, as I get older, I tend to view "family structure which encourages an obsession with education" as an increasingly important variable for explaining levels in per capita income, if not always growth rates in the immediate moment.  It's not a truly independent variable -- when it comes to growth what is? -- but it's one good place to start.
I'll be using this blog to write from time to time about topics in education that are of particular (some might say obsessive) interest to me, which include (in no particular order): school choice; virtual schooling; classical education; the "achievement gap"; special education; the autism spectrum and neurodiversity; school safety and discipline; school funding and finance; transparency and accountability; and data, information and communication. I'll also be using Twitter (sidebar feed) to note items of interest from the rich world of education blogs and other sources.

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